Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Barbarians in Europe

There is very astonishing story that broke out of Austria. It will be a subject of debate on that radio show that allows everyone to put in his or her 2 cents; World Have Your Say on BBC. Now it has been proven that the old man is actually the father-cum-grandfather of the seven children he had with his 'long lost' daughter!

What if this had happened in Africa..the Western media would have had a field day on portraying the Africans as savages, primitive and barbaric...What if it is a white man? Can we now say there are indeed barbarians in Europe? I going to have my field day on this one...It is not the first 'primitive' story we have heard from the 'enlightened continent'. Such savage acts have happened in Britain, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany [remember the guy who ate the penis of his victim with him?]

I will just tune in and listen what the world has to say about this....

When I told my partner about this, she asked how the daugther gave birth to all those children in that basement? May be the Austrian police will answer that question in their investigation.

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