Saturday, 20 February 2016

My take on Uganda's elections

What a week this has been?
In 2011, I was not able to vote because I could not make it to my home town on election day. I felt bad about it for several months after that...This time, 2016, I changed to a polling station near me but spent 5 hours in the line, without lunch or a drink under a hot sun, but eventually cast my vote. Both times I have not got the outcome I wanted. 
But I feel good that I have been able to participate in this process since 1996 when I first voted. That is why I feel hurt when I meet people younger than me not bothered about registering for a national ID or even voting. I always tell them not to look at voting like betting on a football match that ends in 90 or so minutes. 
This is a process. Those are lessons I will pass on to my children, the next generation--may they do much better than their grandfathers and fathers though they have may not got the best example to look up to. It is my hope than they will say "We don't want to be like these guys, let's build Uganda into a nation". God bless our country.