Sunday, 25 September 2016

Are middle-aged Ugandan the sell-outs?

Today, I eventually read this article that I had been putting on my radar for later. As a contemporary of the writer James Wire Lungabo and the inspiration for the article--Stella Nyanzi, every point made hit home like a sledge hammer. Here is an excerpt that particularly stood out for me, and the full text can be accessed at the link below.

The blunt exposure we got to capitalism and its side effects took its toll on us. On one hand you wanted to experience life like it is in the movies (go to the discotheques, drink alcohol till you drop, smoke your lungs away, drive a car, date a hot babe, be a big spender etc) while on the other hand you wanted to see the corruption in the nation reduce to a bare minimum, see a change of guard politically, reduce the poverty levels among other socially conscious achievements. The mistake we made at this point was to expect someone else to do all the social good while we lived life in the fast lane