Tuesday, 14 July 2009

An Excuse for Fewer Posts Thus Far

I have just read this article and I relate to the author on the excerpt I have reproduced below. Otherwise, the full text is at http://www.journalism.co.uk/young-journalists/?p=597 Unlike him or her, I'm not on Twitter but I "feel" him or her. After the initial fire, it may wane but I disagree that blogging is on the death-bed. I will continue writing on this blog until further notice....hmmm.

Every single day I travel home on the train. It’s a long journey and, unless I’m too knackered, I tend to occupy myself with something useful. A decent book, perhaps, or a few podcasts. If I’m being particuarly productive, I pull out my Asus netbook and get tapping away on a blog post.

Not recently, though. In fact, if you were to look at my blog you’d see I hadn’t posted in over a month. A MONTH. That’s enough time to declare it legally dead, surely.

I started blogging because I had opinions, and thoughts, and ambitions which I wanted to share with the world. My blog was the best place for me to do it.

Have I lost my ambition, then? It doesn’t feel like it. Have I lost my need to share my opinions with the world?