Friday, 20 January 2012

Is Obama eating MLK fruit?

Martin Luther King And The Case For Enlightened Cowardice; Obama Is Eating The Fruit

by Charles Onyango Obbo

[Every Tuesday] the US, nay, the world remembers Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the inspirational African-American civil rights lead that was assassinated in April 1968. He would have turned 83 this year if he hadn’t been finished off.

I think it was in 2001. The Americans had just moved in their new embassy fortress in the outskirts of the Uganda capital, Kampala. I was invited together with one of the most sharp-tongued-and-penned female journalists in Uganda, the deceptively petit Lilliane Barenzi. Our task was to mark Martin Luther King essays, and pronounce the winner of the competition.

The question was whether by advocating for non-violent resistance to racial segregation and injustice, Martin Luther had done the right thing or not. Read more here

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